Jewelry Workshop - Frequently Asked Questions

✨ Silver Jewelry Material?
All silver jewelry is made of 999 fine silver clay. The texture of 999 fine silver is softer than the common 925 silver, and surface scratches are normal.

✨ Does Silver Jewelry Oxidize/Tarnish?
The extent of oxidation varies from person to person when wearing silver jewelry. Silver jewelry oxidizes due to a chemical reaction between the silver and elements like sulphur in sweat or in the air, forming silver sulphide on the surface, rather than fading. The oxidation layer can be removed by cleaning and polishing, and we provide unlimited free polishing.

✨ What's the Difference Between Each Package?
The main difference is the weight of the silver clay. With 10 grams of silver clay, you can make two very thin rings or one regular-width ring. For couples, we recommend choosing the 20-gram package. You can consult customer service with pictures or visit in person to see samples before making a specific package choice.

✨ How Long Does it Take to Create, and Can I Pick it Up the Same Day?
The time for customers to participate in the creation process is approximately 1.5 - 2 hours. After customers finish their creations, the instructors will proceed with firing and polishing, which takes about another 1.5 hours. Then your piece is ready yo pick up! (Please note: sessions after 4 pm can only be picked up on the following business day).

✨ Other Important Information
If a customer accidentally causes their piece to break during the making process, it is irreversible. If there are no other reservations following your session, you can start over from scratch, but there will be an additional material fee.

✨ This workshop may not be suitable for perfectionists, as handmade products may have slight imperfections.